A Leader in Car Restoration

Old cars can be turned from the junkyard into national show stars with careful restoration services and we love to provide a new life to an old car. All the parts of the car are going to receive attention from our experienced technicians, as they go through electrical and mechanical repairs, panel straightening, priming, sanding and sealing.

Car restoration services include repairs on the underside of the car, as well as on the inside and outside. The goal is to make the car look and feel as similar as possible to its original state. Inspections are conducted during the restoration process, to make sure the car meets the current safety norms.

If you have a functional car which is beginning to show its age, you can bring it for another type of car restoration process: the milestone restoration, which is more of a checkup of the car, during which our technicians inspect the inside and outside of the car, spotting eventual problems and fixing them before they become major issues.

If you have an old car, don’t let it “die” – bring it to us and we will restore its former glory, so you can enjoy your classic gem on four wheels.