Spray Painting

Spray Painting

The Best Technology to get your Car Shining again

When your car starts looking all fade out or if you notice the paint seems to be “foggy” it’s time to repaint your car and return to its original look. You need spray painting and it must be done to restore the original look of the car or to change its color.

Either way, car spray painting services need to be done by professionals, who can prepare the car for this job, in order for it to come out perfect. Here is when GIASR professionals enter the stage: we have the best car painters who can deliver state of art work.

Our car spray painting starts with a good cleaning job. Here we wash the car and all the debris is being removed from its surface. Then it’s time for sanding, which removes the old paint and scratch repair leaves the car ready to be primed. After priming, the car will be ready for spray painting.

Our car spray painting services include matching the original color of the car with the paint color code, which sometimes require ordering a special shade of paint. Everything will be done to ensure the car is going to look like new. The professional car painters are going to remove certain parts of the car, to paint the engine bay, the trunk and the inner door sills. Also, we will cover the parts which don’t need to be painted.

At the end of the spray painting process, your car will look brand new, ready to take over the roads!