Rust Repairs

Rust Repairs


The best technology to get your car shining again

Cars are prone to rust, especially those which are not parked in a garage. Repeated exposure to rain and snow, attack the paint and penetrate it, exposing the metal. There are multiple stages of rusting, but as soon as you notice the first sign, you should make an appointment car rust repair service.

Once you bring your car to GIASR, a technician is going to scrape off and sand the rust. Depending on the level of rusting, the entire component might have to be replaced to make the car shining again. If the rust spot is not deep, the repair will include sanding, followed by a special anti-rusting treatment. The next layers will come in the form of painting, which is carefully selected to match the pigment of the car.

More complex car rust repairs involve filling up the rusted area with a special mesh. The mesh is then sanded to blend in with the rest of the car and the area is painted. Our professional car painters can also apply a layer of a protective mix of wax and polish.

Together, these treatments can make any old car look like new and ensure it is going to be in top shape for a long time to come.