Car Detailing Sydney

Car Detailing Sydney

Because a Conventional Car wash is not Enough! – You might think that there is no significant difference between car detailing and car washing, but there is. Car detailing can make your car look its best at all times. And you can have this service for your car in Sydney at GIA Smash Repairs. If you are looking for car detailing Sydney, look no further than GIA Smash Repairs. We offer professional and reliable car detailing services in the area. Our highly skilled car detailing specialists use leading technology and techniques to provide long-term protection and incredible finishes on every vehicle we work on.

What is Car Detailing?

If this is your first time to hear about car detailing, you are in for a surprise. Getting your car detailed means it will undergo a thorough cleaning from top to bottom using specialised tools and products. Your car detailing specialist will do minor cosmetic touch-ups without the paintwork or body repair.

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Best and Cheap Car Detailing Services in Sydney

At GIA Smash Repairs, car detailing involves the thorough cleaning and reconditioning of your car’s interior and exterior. It also eliminates the minor scratches and swirls on your car’s paintwork to restore its shine and make it look brand new.

A simple car wash can remove the grime, but car detailing takes it to another level. Every car detailing service that we render can have every last imperfection vacuumed out, buffed and polished.

Exterior Car Detailing

  • Our process starts with an exhaustive exterior wash to remove the dirt. We allow the soap to foam for the mud and dirt to soften and be lifted from the surface.
  • – Using special brushes and our wheel cleaning products, we take out the dust and filth from the wheels, brake calipers, lug nuts, and others.
  • – We wash the paintwork and dry it from top to bottom with washing mitts and microfiber towels.
  • – Using an automotive clay bar, we remove the tightly bonded dirt to your clear coat.
  • – If required, we’ll polish the paint by hand or by a polishing machine.
  • – As a final touch, we apply a protective layer to your paint using high-quality paste wax.

Interior Car Detailing

  • We vacuum and shampoo all the upholstery inside the car to remove dirt and stains.
  • – As the final step, we clean and polish the interior glass.
  • – If your vehicle has leather interiors, we condition the leather and give it a thorough cleaning.

Benefits of Car Detailing 

  • – It maintains the car’s value
  • – Provides added protection
  • – Meticulous attention to detail on every part of your car

Car Detailing sydney

If you need an affordable car detailing Sydney, choose GIA Smash Repairs. We offer the best car care and automotive detailing service in the area. Call them at 0297445849 or 0419999403 for more details.