Accident Repairs Concord

Accident Repairs Concord

Repairing a vehicle which has been in a major accident or even a minor one can be difficult. Even experts will tell you that there are some repairs which are more difficult than others mainly because of the way metal folds and bends during an impact. There is some damage which can be fixed by an expert but then there are other more severe damages which cannot easily be fixed. In some cases parts which are damaged will need to be replaced. This is where GIA Smash Repairs come in! We have the best tools and the most experienced metal craftsmen working with us, people who have experience fixing even the most severely damaged vehicles. This ensures that most vehicles are not beyond repair for us!

Our expert accident repairs in Concord

At GIA Smash repairs we have repaired some of the most severely damaged vehicles in the city. This has earned us a reputation for being magicians when it comes to transforming and repairing vehicles. Unlike other similar repair services the secret ingredient for us is to always approach a damaged vehicle’s repair based on the damage it has incurred. The beauty of this is that it allows us to thoroughly examine a vehicle’s damage and then draft the most efficient plan to fix it. This same approach is used for accident repairs in Concord.

Our trained team of specialists have years of experience and have restored some of the most rusty and broken down vehicles in the city. This is why we are sure that regardless of the damage to your vehicle we should have no problem fixing it. If anything our services can help to further extend the service life of your vehicle by a few more years which helps you extract more value for your dollar.

If you are looking for the best accident repairs in Concord then look no further than GIA Smash Repairs. Contact us today by calling (02) 9744 5849 or just send an email to and we can start working on your vehicle almost right away.