Excellent Dent Repair in Haberfield

Your car has been in an accident. It may or may not have caused a lot of damage. You don’t know what to do " />

Paintless Dent Repair Haberfield

Excellent Dent Repair in Haberfield

Your car has been in an accident. It may or may not have caused a lot of damage. You don’t know what to do and are depressed. However, now you have nothing to worry about as you have just the people you need! At GIA Smash Repairs, we are the expert paintless dent repair in Haberfield firm. We have helped scores of people in the area restore their vehicles to their previous condition. You can do so too. Let our expertise and skill at handling smashed cars help you. We promise you that when we are done, you will be happy to see the results.

We make dents go away

That’s right. We know that you love your car and hate to see it not look its best. But not to worry! As your professional paint less dent repair in Haberfield firm, we know just how to get it done. We usually use paint, but if that’s not how you want it done, we use a variety of techniques that we have mastered over the years we have been in operation. Come to us and let us restore your beloved car to its original condition. Our cost-effective approach and expertise should be reason enough for you to put your trust on us.

Services We Offer

Apart from paintless dent repair in Haberfield, we are happy to bring you a comprehensive list of service options including but not limited to panel beating, rust repairs, restoration and spray painting. We also perform bumper repairs, colour coding and window replacements. Yes, we are the right professionals to call after an accident, because we take care of everything that might have happened! 

Benefits of hiring us

Affordability – We are affordable and we pride on keeping our costs low and services stellar. Our outstanding performance over a range of jobs has made us a name to reckon with in the industry.

Online quote – We offer the unique service of giving you a free quote when you upload a photo of your smashed car! That’s right. You can now get an estimate just by letting us see how your car looks at the moment. 

Lifetime guarantee –  At our firm, we are so confident of the services we offer that we have come up with a lifetime guarantee. All our workmanship is guaranteed under it. This means that when you come to us for a job, you are in a total win-win situation.

Towing service – We can understand how tough a situation it can be if you have just smashed your car. That is why we offer a 24-hour emergency towing service. 

Replacement vehicle – When you bring your car to us for repairs, how will you go around? We can offer you a replacement vehicle for the time your car is with us!

If you want to get paint less dent repair in Haberfield done, give us at the GIA Smash Repairs a call at  (02) 9744 5849 or email us at giasr@optusnet.com.au today